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Hello Dr. Odai,

Thank you for making me feel special! I believe that the most important thing we can do in each human interaction is to make the other person feel special...I would like to thank you for your exceptional work and gentle approach that helped me through what I consider to be and ordeal. It takes a special person to make everyone that they encounter feel special.

Thanks again.


Dear Dr. Thompson,

I was very satisfied with my first visit to your office. Excellent service, excellent cheerful explanations, real sensitivity to the person in the chair. Thank you for your impressive service (including follow-up telephone call).


Dear Dr. John,

I want to thank to very much for your excellent professional services this past Wednesday. I very much appreciated your patience in explaining in lay terms your diagnosis and what your form of treatment was going to be and for being gentle as you were

Thank you for looking after my dental health.


...I would like to thank your staff for being so friendly and helpful while maintaining professionalism. Please tell your assistant that I will use her trick in the future to help me through gagging episodes.